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I am a "NIKON GUY".Recently I am using Nikon D750 which is full frame camera. Honestly lenses more important for me. I am trying to stand in widest aperture lenses like f:2.8 and wider.I have 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm f:2.8 VR,15-30mm f:2.8.Those lenses are my masterpieces. And I have some prime lenses.

It depends on which photo session, how many hours photography coverage or how many photographs you will need. For more information, you can check the Services & Prices page.

The number of photos taken depends on the type of session you choose. Rest assured, photographers will take as many shots as necessary so that you have an excellent final selection!

The number of photos taken for Families, Engagements, Couples, Models is around 100-300 frames. And we display as much as we can, so you will have more options to select. And for a wedding we usually make 600 - 1000 images.

It totally depends on the type of photo session. Wedding photos will be ready within 3-5 weeks. You will receive them as a digital format, printed copies and wedding album.

Other sessions can be ready within 4-10 days.

A photo session can last from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of session you select. Wedding Sessions takes more time and more attention.

There is no excuse for weddings.

All photographs are processed and developed in our professional in-house laboratory. We do one after one editing. So it takes little time to make it ready for you. I promise you will love when you see.

Of course! We have a complete range of photo enhancements including black-and-white, sepia, bronze, retro, various created processes, as well as our colorization service. Each of these enhancements will be shown to you during your viewing session.